ActMask ALL2PDF PDF Creator provides single step to high-quality PDF conversion feature. And it allows you to bulk convert documents with just One click (Batch Converter). In addition, you can handle the PDF Optimization, Watermark, Printer Tools functions.

ActMask ALL2PDF PDF Creator installs a virtual printer and makes the creation of PDF documents as easy as printing. To export TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, PCX, EMF, SPL or more formats, please view ActMask Document Converter Family

ActMask ALL2PDF Creator
User reviews
Extremely simple to use and it provides single step document conversion to pdf format - Dave Klapperich
It is easy to use and it worked very well with our in house acquisition software. - Robin James
You can convert to .pdf pretty much anything that you can print. - Mark Love
I wanted the functionality of your software. Your software had a "clean and professional" look and feel. You are much cheaper than a full version of Acrobat Standard¡­even on eBay. Thanks! - B. Williams
Trial version available, ease of use and relatively low cost. - Caukill
Dowmloaded 3 test programmes, only All2PDF could handle mix of portrait and landscape format. - Lars Frydkaer


Low cost, easy to use, easy to implement
2 Steps to convert any printable document to professional-quality, searchable PDF file from any Windows application.

Batch Converter Capability
Bulk convert documents to PDF files with just 1 Click.

Complete control of your PDF output
Complete control of your PDF output with features like PDF Document Description (such as Title, Author, Subject, Keywords etc.), PDF merging, Font embedding, Compression options, Optimization options and more.

128 Bits Encryption
Set Security or Restriction options for PDF you create, no one can open, edit, print PDF or copy/paste PDF content!

Combine Multiple Documents into one Single PDF File
Combine MULTIPLE documents into one single PDF file. Combine several image files into one single Multipage PDF file or combine TIFF, DOC, GIF, HTML or other format into one PDF file.

Watermark feature
Custom watermark for PDF layout.

Printer Tools
Setup Printer easier. Use built-in Printer Tools to setup page size or DPI of printer easier.

Simple and convenient user operations
Pick up file name from printer stream automatically, PDF Conversion based on Virtual Printer technology.

How to use

1. Printer Mode
1) Print the document to the "ActMask Document Converter" printer.
2) Wait a moment, our software's interface will appear. Select output file format from the list.
3) Set conversion settings if necessary.
4) Click "Save" button to create the file you want.
5) Notification window will popup when task ends. Click it simply to view file(s) created.

2. Bacth Converter Mode
1) Run Batch Conveter shortcut from ActMask Document Converter's program group.
2) Add files you want to convert to batch list.
3) Select output file format from the list.
4) Click "Convert Files" button.
5) Notification window will popup once a file in list is processed, simply click it to open the file created.

Popular Applications

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